Travel Studio: Hanoi, Vietnam

Help me travel to Hanoi, Vietnam

My life has taken an unexpected turn in the last week. I was approached by a professor I had in undergrad to join her architecture travel studio to Hanoi, Vietnam next month to add the perspective of an urban planner. The travel studio is an international design competition between 10 universities from all over the world such as ETH Zurich, TU Delft or UC Berkeley. My team from The University of Michigan will develop a master plan proposal for high density housing and sustainable urban agriculture to accommodate 100,000 people living and working on a one square kilometer site in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Our design will tackle the urgent problems that come with a dramatically increasing world population, such as urban density, food, infrastructure, and jobs. Thinking about these issues is increasingly important since nearly 80% of the world population is projected to reside in urban centers by the year 2050. By the same time the food production is estimated to increase by about 70 percent globally.

We all will travel to Hanoi for a one week workshop to do research on the city, local food production, the real estate market, and the culture of Hanoi and its residents. While there we will visit the site and will undertake intensive fieldwork studies and design charrettes, working closely with local partners.

To read more about the course, check out the syllabus.

Update: Thank you for all your support and donations!